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Letter Name of the letter Pronounciation
A / a Ay Bay
Á / á Ah Ash
B / b Bee Bumblebee
C / c Cee Cake
D / d Dee Descend
É / é Ee Speed
E / e Eh Edit
Ð / ­ð Eth Thick
F / f Ef Frog
G / g Ga Game
Þ / þ Thorn Though
H / h Haych House
I / i Eye Iamb
Í / í Ing Igloo
Y / y Yan Yes
Ý / ý Oin Toy
Ç / ç Chay Chair
K / k Ghay Loch
J / j Jay Jam
L / l El Land
M / m Em Mace
N / n En Nest
Ŋ / ŋ Eng Sing
O / o Oah Oak
Ó / ó Oh Octopus
P / p Pee Pencil
Q / q Shee Should
R / r Arr Air / Smaller / Are / (All R sounds)
S / s Ess Sand
T / t Tee Tea
U / u Uh Up
Ú / ú You Spoon
V / v Vee Violin
W / w Double-You Walk
Z / z Zed Zebra
Ʒ / ʒ Zhed Beige
X / x Jhed Jugar (Spanish J)
Û / û Ugh Look
Ê / ê Ewn Chew
Ô / ô Oush Out
 / â Aush Autumn

And those are the letters of alphabet for all to see!

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