This is an alternate cold war

Image in 1990: [1] Image in 1953: [2]


  • Nazi Germany surrenders and the borders around Poland and Germany are slightly more eastern.
  • Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Poland join Warsaw Pact.
  • Austria & Germany are occupied
  • Phillippines declares independence
  • French Indochina declares independence 
  • Indonesia, British North Boreo and Sarawak rebel to create United Indomalaysian States, Portugal & Australia use this to take West Timor and West Papua which prefer being with them.
  • British Raj goes through huge instability after the British colonise Tibet, but then it recovers sharply as the British remove unnessesary rules from all colonies.
  • French Morroco, Tunisia & Algeria declare independence
  • Libya declares independence
  • Yugoslavia and Greece both invade Albania, but then they argue over Macedonia, Greece gets more land from there anyway.
  • USSR makes Kurdistan an independent satillite state
  • Jordan and Israel declare independence, not long after, Israel takes South Lebannon and the Suez disaster happens, however complete humiliation by France and UK are narrowly avoided
  • Greece invades Turkey and USSR later annexes some land and turns the rest into a satillite state
  • The Chinese civil war ends, Communists win, China invades Mongolia, many of the anti-communists exile to Tibet. China asks USSR for Tuva 
  • North and South Korea split
  • UK gives south Pakistan independence
  • USSR and Iran invade Afghanistan 
  • The French abandon Djibouti, Abyssinia wants to be an empire so it takes Djibouti, but then the British take it until Abyssinia gives a region east of it to British Somalia to get South Eritrea and Djibouti. 
  • Sudan declares indendence
  • Dutch-Belgian war begins, Netherlands wins and gets half of Belgian Congo and most of Flanders.
  • El Salvador attacks Guatemala and gets a region, later Guatemala invades Belize. 
  • The Guyannas become independent and create a federation, the region formerly belonging to Venezuela is given to Venezuela.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador are given to Canada, Quebec later declares independence


  • A new ideology starts in Romania and Bulgaria, they become kingdoms of democratic socialism and religion and conservatism, they hate capitalism so they stay close allies with USSR 
  • The Korean wars begin and it ceasefires with the borders very different from the axis. 
  • New Zealand joins Australia
  • Iraq invades Newly-independent Syria, Syria becomes split between French Lebannon and Iraq, but then French Lebannon becomes Phoenecia, a christian state in the middle east. 
  • Greeks fancy an empire, so they invade and occupy Liberia until USA tells them to stop, Greece then looks elseware.
  • Romania and Bulgaria's ideology spreads