This is the list with the Discord rules. Although the punishment on some of these is just a mute, if enough people want you banned a poll will take place.

Note: if you repeat a rule break over and over the mute time doubles over time

General Rules

  1. Don't be a dick
    1. Minor insulting (gypsi, roach, fgt, idiot) - Warning, 1 Minute Mute
    2. Blatant insults (fuck you, subhuman, etc.) - 5 Minute Mute
    3. Racism, sexism, homophobia, hating on other religions, etc. outside of #arguing_and_freespeech - Warning, 10 Minute Mute
    4. Insulting any religion or prophets etc. and other major blasphemy is not allowed outside of #freespeech_and_arguing - 5 Minute Mute
    5. Making fun of a users depression/mental health. - Ban
    6. Don't post images that could be a health hazard (epilepsy, bright colors, etc.) 
  2. Absolutely no NSFW and other disgusting or disturbing content
    1. Sexual discussion (any talk about porn, hentai, and everything else outside #arguing_and_freespeech_discussion) - Warning, 5 Minute Mute
    2. Porn, Gore (includes sites) - Ban
    3. Non-sexual nudity - 5-30 Minute Mute; depends how bad it is
    4. Posting a lot of cringy pictures (esp. with minor disgusting stuff), "scary" and "disturbing" pictures - Warning, 5 Minute Mute
  3. Arguing is not allowed
    1. Political and religions arguing in #general - Warning, 5 Minute Mute
    2. Non-political arguing - Warning, 1 Minute Mute
    3. Baiting - Warning, 5 Minute Mute
  4. Doxxing a user is absolutely forbidden
    1. Surname/Full name/Location (street/house) - Ban
    2. Face (never posted before or shared privately) - Ban
    3. Reposting something a user posted before about themselves that they don't want others too see anymore - 30 Minute Mute
  5. Sites that contain porn, gore, viruses and other disgusting/disturbing content are not allowed
    1. Porn/Gore/Virus/Illegal things - Ban
    2. Shock sites/disgusting images - 30 Minute Mute
  6. Spamming is forbidden
    1. Spamming bots outside #bot - Warning, 1 Minute Mute
    2. Spamming 1 line of text very fast - Warning, 5 Minute Mute
    3. Spamming a huge chunk of text/blank spamming - 10 Minute Mute
    4. Posting the same images over and over - Warning, 5 Minute Mute
    5. Spamming images very fast - 10 Minute Mute
  7. Don't act stupid - Warning, Ask Bain for further help
  8. Trying to start a "coup" is not allowed. If you are unhappy with how the server is run please say what you don't like about it and Bain will try to fix it. Ban
  9. Don't advertise your discord server if it is a topicless or Polandball server (e.g.: You can advertise communist/atheist/homo only servers, etc.) Warning, 5 Minute Mute
  10. Don't do irritating things in the voice channels
    1. Screaming/breathing loud into the mic Warning, Voice Muted for 5 Minutes
    2. Do not mass-skip songs. Warning, 5 Minute Mute
    3. Do not play earrape or non-songs. 5 Minute Mute
  11. Do not accuse people of being an alt unless they have said it themselves unironically or you have undeniable proof. Warning, 5 Minute Mute

What you should do

  1. Be nice to others.
  2. Suggest ideas and give back feedback about the server.
  3. Report bad user and mod behavior to Bain.
  4. Suggest on what to add or change in the rules.
  5. Keep your name similar to your wiki name.

Moderator Rules

  2. Don't kick or ban people without Bain's permission unless a rule says otherwise
    1. Kicking/Banning one user without permission - 1 strike
    2. Kicking/Banning a lot of users without permission - Demotion, 3 strikes
    3. Unbanning people without permission and letting them back in without permission - Demotion
  3. Don't do destructive things
    1. Deleting channels - Demotion, Ban
    2. Deleting roles - Demotion
    3. Removing a few roles, removing emotes - Demotion
  4. Don't ping @here or @everyone
    1. @here - no demotion unless spammed
    2. @everyone - no demotion unless spammed
  5. Don't create polls without permission (especially ban/demotion polls)
    1. Ban/demotion/deletion/removal polls - Demotion
    2. Emote polls - no punishment unless a poll is already ongoing
  6. DO NOT RESET MEE6 LEVELS - Demotion
  7. Remove the Member role when someone is muted
  8. Rules that say "Warning, Mute" mean that you must first warn that user, if they keep breaking the rule then you should mute them
  9. Don't mute for very exaggerated or no reasons at all, if Bain says to unmute a person you must not re-mute him - Demotion

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