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I have to redo al lof this cuz new map ok

Old map

Visit here for the old map info


The spawn town. It contains the museum, Dam Fucklag, glorious gay flags, a chorus farm, and TrinoCorp Restaurant, which is not the entrance to the parable.

You can take the railway to Shitpostland or Vienna.


The Museum, duh.

Flags and Pixel Art

A room decorated with FLEEGS. There's a ladder up.



Museums and Lists

Kinda empty tbh

Buildings and Houses

A pleasant wood room. You can go downstairs to a backlit party basement.


A glass room. Nothing there yet.


Decorated just like the old cities place.

Parkour and Minigames

A red and quartz hall.


Decorated with things from the Nether.


Shitposts and shit


A boring little village, with parkour, Squirrel's Hundertwasser Shop, and Tin's NASCAR racing. You can take the train to Realton.


A town, that's supposed to be realistic. It has an immigrations office, museum, fancy railway station, and mosque. You can take the train to Flevoland, or Al-Salvador.

Flevoland/Realton Harbour

A little place. It has invisible bridges, and the Statue of Liberty.

Railway to Al-Salvador

A cool underwater tunnel.


A desert city in the Americas. It has a temple and shiet. You can take the railway to Jungleton. Syttu builded a stone wall using the command /fill, and yes, he got this idea from Trump's wall. The wall extends from an ocean to a river.


Coolmax's Jungle city, composed of trees connected by bridges. There's a throne at the top. You can take the railway to Miami (North).


The newest place, composed of a beach resort. It has 2 railway stations- North and South.


Nothing much here except an island, a bridge, and a GRAND DAD statue.


Beachy things. A swimming area, recliners, and a TrinoCorp outlet.

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