Bain's Serber contains a survival map, existing since 24th June 2016.

Major Players: Bain, Tin, Smy, Squirrel

Minor Players: Luki, Carsonium, Antonio


In the area around spawn there is a medium-sized lake bordering a Forest, Taiga and Extreme Hills. By the lakeside there is an underground house built onto a small but steep forest cliff, linked to a small underground cow farm and mine (The access to the mine was horribly-built stairs but was later changed to a ladder with the enterance bordered by obsidian). This was the first building in the server, and everyone used it as a temporary shack.

Outside the cave house, there is a tree farm of oak made by Smyterat, and a walkway across the lake to Wheat, Potato, Carrot and Pumpkin/Melon farms which float on the lake. The walkway goes to the other side of the lake into the Taiga, which has Tin's under-construction house and Squirrel's House; The first house to be built other than the cave house. It is made of birch plank and spruce logs.

Between Squirrel's house and the cave house, lies a small stretch of flat forest, where Smy's mushroom house lies. It is a very small 3x3 house made of a grown mushroom.

Next to Squirrel's house is a river and past that river is the extreme hills; Where Bain's house lies; on top of a giant thin mountain. It is still being built though.

Generated Structures

  • 616 -904 is the location for a desert temple

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