Bainfuck is brainfuck. But with bainy quotes.


> kek
< wtf
+ pls
- ffs
. ;-;
, nu
[ staph
] -_-

Multiple brainfuck characters are just repeating one letter in the command.


Hello world

plsssssss staph kek plssss staph kek plss kek plsss kek plsss kek pls wtffff ffs -_- kek pls kek pls kek ffs kekk pls staph wtf -_- wtf ffs -_- kekk ;-; kek ffsss ;-; plsssssss ;--; plsss ;-; kekk ;-; wtf ffs ;-; wtf ;-; plsss ;-; ffssssss ;-; ffssssssss ;-; kekk pls ;-; kek plss ;-;


kek plssssssssss staph kek plsssssssssss kek plssssssssssss kek wtffff ffs -_- kek plss kek ffss kek ffsssss kek wtffff kek ;-; kek ;-; kek ;-;

4 cat programs

nu staph ;-; nu -_-

nu pls staph ffs ;-; nu pls -_-

nu staph ;-; staph ffs -_- nu -_-

nu pls staph ffs ;-; staph ffs -_- ffs nu pls -_-

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