2016-08-11 (1)

An early version of the texture pack

BetterTextures is a Minecraft resource pack made by Squirrel719, the founder of this wiki.

Request thread/download thread is here



  • Stone blocks are slightly more brownish, made to look more dusty
  • Redstone Blocks have clearer borders
  • Emerald Block are more like Diamond/Gold Blocks
  • Lapis Ore is normal
  • Prismarine blocks are more grey
  • Flowerpots are blue with a baige top and a small pattern on them.
  • Podzol made to look more like compost
  • Grass with snow on top has some frost on it
  • Cake is strawberry with weird purple berries on top
  • Bookcases have some different books and the bottom shelf has less books, but has an amethyst crystal book stopper
  • End Stone Bricks look more like Stone bricks
  • Beds are light blue with oak frames
  • Bedrock looks nicer (Bedrock + Cobble it looks like)
  • Netherrack was redesigned (It has the stone part of magma blocks on top of it)
  • Nether Quartz Ore is different
  • Redstone Lamps look clearer
  • Torches are light blue with metal rods
  • Red Sand/sandstone actually is red and looks more dull
  • Water is darker and more dull
  • Normal Pumpkins have no faces

Coloured Blocks

  • Yellow, Orange & Light Blue wool have been improved to look more like the other colours
  • Magenta Wool has a hue slightly more to red
  • White clay is actually white
  • Yellow clay looks faded
  • Light blue & blue clay look actually blue
  • Cyan and Purple clay have brightened up


  • Poppies are replaced with Paeonia, an unused 1-block peony texture found in the files
  • Dandilions are Orange
  • Orange Tulips are now Yellow
  • Pink Tulips are now Purple
  • Alliums are now Lush Red
  • Blue Orchids are White
  • Azure Bluet are blue
  • Sunflowers have dark centres
  • Rose Bushes are multicoloured (Red, White & Yellow)


  • The GUI is now light blue, grey, white and light grey clay
  • The block bar now has transparent light blue backgrounds, rather than yellow.
  • Some paintings have been changed to injokes and easter eggs

Future Updates

  • Torches will be fixed
  • Bookcases will be modified slightly
  • Tulips might have different coloured leaves
  • Acaica leaves look lighter
  • Maps will look new and not torn up

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