Chan Simulator is a game made by Tin Productions that's similar to Yandere Simulator In that you are an anime school boy/girl. You start on Monday and try to make it through a week of school without losing sanity or being murdered, yes, thats how you lose.

How you can get Murdered

  1. Fighting: The easiest way to get murdered is to fight somebody and not do anything.
  2. Yandere: If you get a crush on somebody another person likes, you may get murdered in your sleep, or in a private area.
  3. NPC Sanity Loss: You can get murdered if you lock a NPC up and bring them back to school after a long time. So take care of other students!!!


You can lose sanity by staying in a room for over 3 hours, or other stupid stuff. If you lose all your sanity the screen goes black and you get arrested.