Chinasovgudism is a very nationalist ideology. It believes to all too heavenly Chinsaovgud, and strictly believes in extereme imperialism. They sleep soundly, and eats like a dog.


Chinasovgudism is born near Animism, but taken seriously FINAALALLYYEE on June 18th, 2017 by a very weird memelord. Now it spreads and controls. Everyone should follow the chinasovgudism. it is good and can into good economy, unlike ussr. 


Chinasovgudism derives from the old Proto-European word from zhenishudic (Sheni-shood-ikc), which means irritatable doofen. In modern times, it is split into China-is-of-good, hence the nationalist imperialist. 

Chinasovgudist schools

Pupils should learn all the basic rules and thoughts of the holy Chinasovgud. They eat, and are expected to tell the good news to their parents. 

Max stirner

One of the brightest pupils in COGU (Chinasovgud University)

Other branches of Chinasovgudism


  • This religions is discouraged to be performed in public schools in areas such as Iran, Syria (Aleppo specifically)

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