TIMELINE 1 Original Timeline

Map 1 (9999 BC-3000 BC): Furthest time back ever recorded. 2 civilizations arise and fall after a few years.
Map 2 (3000 BC-???): Ancient civilizations appear, living for hundreds of years.
Map 3 (300 AD-900 AD): Middle Ages. A few nations appear, building castles and things.
Map 4 (900 AD-1200 AD): Middle Ages Part 2. Countries like Germania appear.
Map 5 (1939 AD-1950 AD): WW2
Map 6: (???): Post-WW2
Map 7: Modern Times

TIMELINE 2 Utter Chaos

Map 2: Benelux's machine sends command blocks to Slowane.
Map 3: Benelux's machine creates Netherlands.
Map 5: Benelux's machine creates a Timeline Rift in the Pacific Ocean. People from 1950s get send to 1600s and viceversa.
Map 6: Benelux's machine creates Nazi Germany and other out of place countries. It also corrupts a chunk.
Map 7: Every time period combined, Benelux's machine explodes shattering both Timelines.
Map 8: Apocalypse period. Survivors try to make a big city but due to absolute destruction the barrier of the world collapses destroying everything including Benelux's machines remains which turned everything into a normal world.

TIMELINE 3 Post-Apocalypse

Map 9: Randomness world: The Survivors get superpowers and decide to build many things. They decide not to try destroying the world this time. Memorials for countries are built. One of the survivors is secretly a Beneluxian, and recruits old Beneluxian people with the generators creating a secret new Beneluxian society. Eventually the generators glitch out the entire world and everyone is forced to enter a ship, sending them to a far away land.
Map 10: The survivors arrive to a new location and settle, making builds and cities. They also create a giant barrier to stop the glitchiness into leaking in the new area. But something goes wrong.. Map 11-???: Further Future. 2 people left on the planet left to experiment with command blocks and mods.

TIMELINE 4 Almost Destruction (Again)

After the world became habitable again, cities form with modern era technology. Two prominent and primordial cities, Vienna (Then Bainsgrad) and Realton, become bitter rivals after a dispute with nuclear technology. Bainsgrad was Communistic, and Realton capitalist. This led to an arms race, and after the fall of Bainsgrad the arms race ended. This led to the left over nuclear WOMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) being left by themselves all over the map. Vienna was later revived under Flevoland's help, and Vienna and Realton are now trade partners.