Coolmax English is a better way of spelling English.

  1. remove capitals, they clutter stuff up
  2. remove the letter "c", it kan just be "k" and "s"
  3. kome to think of it, "x" too
  4. remov silent letes
  5. doubl letes and digrafs kan go to.
  6. the letes "y" and "w" uil bekom "i" and "u"
  7. "th" uil be replasd uið "þ" and "ð"
  8. "q" is usles to.
  9. remembe "c" and "j"? ðei uil be brot bak in as "sh" and "zh" sounds.
  10. ð cua sound uil also be rmovd.

kolmaks enlic is a bete wai of spelin enlic.

sampl frases

ð kwik broun foks djumpd ov ð lazi dog.

drama is mo popul ðan kontent

uikipedia: ð fre ensiklopedia ðat aniuon kan edit.

ð planets of ð sol sistm a mkuri, vinus, þ, mas, djupit, satn, uranus, neptun, and pluto.

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