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tldr country importance index is area in km² * population * gdp measured in kewls

Countries lol

Anguilla 135 Terakewls
American Samoa 7.69 Petakewls
Aruba 48.4 Petakewls
Åland 71.6 Petakewls
Antigua and Barbuda 86.7 Petakewls
Andorra 180 Petakewls
Abkhazia 1.05 Exakewls
Armenia 2.26 Zettakewls
Albania 2.84 Zettakewls
Azerbaijan 123 Zettakewls
Austria 303 Zettakewls
Afghanistan 1.39 Yottakewls
Angola 6.24 Yottakewls
Algeria 57.7 Yottakewls
Argentina 117 Yottakewls
Australia 211 Yottakewls

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