Cucktales is a series made in 2016. It is currently ongoing because of anti-IMC's butthurtness and IMC's laughing.


Antonio12ITA - Antonio is an Italian who plays the admin role. He is always too soft to ban someone and then preceeds to bitch how other wiki's are perfect even though PB wikia could be perfect if the rules were more strict.

Terrr - Terrr is a Turk who isn't often in chat. Terrr actually knows IMC is crap but he thinks IMC is "going through a hard period", and likes his insane policies so Terrr supports him. Terrr also loves IMC for some reason.

Cuteball - Cute is a Azeri who isn't often in chat just like Terrr, when he is he often spreads anti-Armenia propaganda.

Italian Mysterious Contributor - Often reffered to as IMC is an Italian who is the most /mischief/ of the cucklings. He said "DIE YOU ALL", accused people, lied and did many horrible things. Many users have gone inactive because of him. He is also the 2nd reason r/polandball hates PB wikia.