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Planets live inside the moon

Planets live inside the moon!

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Cyprus is a country on a volcanic island in the middle terrain sea.


Phonecian Rule

In 2500BC or so, Cyprus was colonised by Phonecia, unlike Israel. It could not into independence and this.

Roman Rule

After the Phonecians abandoned the island. In 50BC or so, Cyprus was colonised by the Roman Empire (Also known as the S.P.Q.R: Soviet Personificated Queen Rawrs (which also tried to return in 2008 as the People's Republic of Nepal.)

When the Roman Empire split, it went to Byzantium until it shrunk.

Kingdom of Cyprus

Cyprus became a kingdom in 900AD and was happy being non-colonised. Until Ottomans came.

Ottoman Cyprus

Cyprus was Ottoman in the 1400AD and they inslaved the people there which was really mean. In the 1600s, Britian came and said "no bitch, fuck off, is my island now"

British Cyprus & Independence

Cyprus was then British where it was treated ok, but then when it was given independence in 1923, the island split into Turkish Republic of Cyprus, British Military Bases of Antonio and Daniel and Republic (Greek) of Cyprus. Greek Cyprus was much nicer and it was loved by most countries. Turkish Cyprus was only loved by Turkey.

Cyprussian SSR

Cyprussian SSR

Heil Mother Cyprussia!

In 1933 and 1934, Cyprus (apart from the british bases) was taken by the Soviet Union. Where working hard meant everything.

Second Independence

From 1988 to 1993, Cyprus was controlled by the UN. It was given independence in 1993 and since then it has lived happily ever after, it is very rich because of its copper. (Also UK is very rich because of its tiny bases, RULE BRITANNIA!)