Croatian Nationalist life story

I was first born in a hospital, unknowingly falling into a pit of suffering.

Life is hell.

CN (as a baby crying): Gyaaah, ahh! Ahhhh! uhhuhuhu!

No, i dont want to go! No! No! No i dont want to go... (CN's parents teaching him how to walk)


AAAAAAAHHH! AAAAHHH! GOD! (CN's first needle)

CN (Present): My memes were the dankes in the universe.

Yet I could not be happy.

I was forever trapped in an infinite timeline of pain and suffering.

I envy death.

Dank memes are just another thing to distract you from the real joys of life.

Dank memes will kill you.




I can no longer sit back and watch children get infected by dank memes.

I want to be hidden from this world where i can't make dank memes.

I want to be thrown in the fire so that I can be at peace.

Throwed in the fire and let me burn to a crisp.

Throw me in the fire so that I can be at peace.

So i can be free at last.

To be free...

Are you crying from this?

Good, be sad.

People being sad for me is something I have always envied because of the way they fuel you.

As everything you do is fueled by love, hate, passion, sadness.

Thus opening up an infinite number of paths,

Which will inevitably change the way you see thing forever as every second goes by.

Positive or negative, there will be change.

And that gamble of nature is thrilling.

The way you feel.

The way you touch.

The way you love.

You must not thrust away at the womb of dank memes.

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