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Dnov, short for Democratic Nation of Videos is a video-hosting site that was popular from 2019 that was widely regarded as the 'next YouTube' at the time.



  • Categories at the top of the main page (Either Animation, Sports, Music, News, Gaming, TV, Films, Video Blogs, Live and Nature)
  • Each Category has these sections:
    • Small - Videos which have very few views by small channels
    • Medium - Videos rising towards popularity
    • Large - Videos which are popular, or "Trending"
    • Old - Older videos
    • New - Newer videos

The small videos are on top to give small and medium-sized channels a chance.

Video Editor

  • Footnotes for videos - Generic notes that can be added to the videos after it is published
  • Enhance - Adds more colour to the video
  • Equilise Music - Makes the audio not too loud or too quiet
  • Add Music
  • Add a video cover
  • Add Slides  -  Adds a slide to the video which can be a generic colour or an image uploaded from your computer with text of any font choice over the top.

Channel Mainpage Editor

  • Channel Banner - Make an image around 1400 x 300
  • Flag - Choose your Flag (Basically a 16:9 ratio avatar, it doesnt have to be a flag because its an image uploaded from your computer)
  • About Section - On your main channelpage below your banner, you can write whatever. The font can be changed and rich text  can be used
  • Intro Video - Left of the About Section
  • Channel Background - the background of your channel mainpage
  • Channel Foreground - the colour of the squares that the intro video/banner/about section sit on

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