A long time ago in a galaxy far far away (Not so much), A website called Poland ball wikia was in war a user by the name of Syttu has took over the wiki with a bunch of hackers on his side he turned the whole wiki into a Nazi propaganda website and has already attampted to revive hit but the results remain unknown, as for the other users a group of admins decided to fight syttus growing maddens and his crazy ambition to restore Nazi Germany

they convinced some users to join the cause, they formed a cause called "The Nutshack pact" (really terrible name) this pact involved the following users:

-Bain the cool





But before they could ever accomplish anything a gang of users invades there hideout these users were Greek and cute and shakira As they kick in the door Bain says: WHAT THE HELL!? oh its you noobs Greek replies with saying: DAMN YOU WE AREN'T NOOBS! then cute replies with saying: yeah! We're sick and tired of being called noobs we can do better then you in fighting Syttu! Really? Replies Bain then shakira says: We are tougher then what you think you are then Bain says: alright let's hope you're right


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