Ferdonic is a Cilsean-Novum-indo-european language.


  • a - ah
  • b - buh
  • c - chuh
  • d - duh
  • e - eh
  • f - ff
  • g - guh
  • h - hu
  • i - ie
  • j - juh 
  • k - kuh
  • l - l
  • m - mm
  • n - nn
  • o - oh
  • p - puh
  • q - thuh
  • r - rr
  • s - ss
  • t - tuh
  • u - uh
  • v - vuh
  • w - whuh
  • x - shuh
  • y - ye
  • z - zuh

Major Words

English Ferdonic Variations Notes
Hello Jo
Bye Gu
Yes Daj
No Nene
Welcome Wilnoma
Zero Feo Ferdonic uses a dodeca numeral system, so it goes 1-12 then the next set of numbers (unlike 1-10 and then the next)
One Lun
Two Dun
Three  Qun
Four Gon
Five  Don
Six Asti
Seven Septi
Eight Eiago
Nine Frinun
Ten Cen
Eleven Ilivinin
Twelve Twyf
Unteen Lunlun Twenty-x = Dun-x and so on until 80 (eiago-x) 
Diteen Lundun
Thirteen Lunqun
Fourteen Lungon
Fifteen Lundon
Sixteen Lunasti
Seventeen Lunsepti
Eighteen Luneiago
Nineteen Lunfrinun
Diciteen Luncen
Eleveteen Lunilivinin Luniliv
Twelteen Luntwyf
Hundred Gundard
Thousand Dorard
Million Milard
I Ya
You Ye
He/She Yi
We Yo
They Yu


All verbs have these endings for them in present tense:

Pronoun Ending Example (to Play)
Ya a Puglaya
Ye e Puglaye
Yi i Puglayi
Yo o Puglayo
Yu u Puglayu

If the verb ends with a vowel, then it instead the ending is q.  

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