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FutúroScope is a Children's TV Show. It began in 2373 and ended in 2382. It is about the adventures of a strange delivery crew named 'Rare Brighton Delivery Group' which has to go to places around the Solar System & Sometimes outside to deliver rare and mysterious objects.

It takes place in an Alternate Future Earth World in 2450 where Earth has advanced slightly more to space and met more intelligent alien lives, Earth's Colonies outside the Solar System are also bigger and have proper self-sustaining settlements now. Politics is pretty much the same in this world as 2373 but it includes interaction with other intelligent life as well.

World Map at the time

The world map is exactly the same as 2373 as Earth has been that peaceful, but Outer Space, Earth has expanded to more planets and met more species.



Series 1

Episode Airdate Synopsis Average User Rating from FutúroScope's website
A New Beginning January 18th 2373 9/10