• ISIS is completely out of Iraq
  • Syrian Civil War ends following the collapse of Syria, neighbours, especially Turkey take some land. Even though it is condemned by many nations
  • Canada claims a small part of Alaska


  • Vatican joins UN
  • A civil war in Democratic Republic of Congo occurs due to corruption. Republic of Congo occupies a large portion of Dem. Rep. Congo


  • North Korea tries to trigger Korean War again, but South Korea simply ignores it
  • Papua is ceded to Papua New Guinea


  • Southern Cyprus is annexed by Greece, while Northern Cyprus is annexed by Turkey
  • Spain abandons all missions in Western Sahara due to rapidly declining economy


  • Eurasian Union (EUA) begins to slowly gain power.
  • Turkey tries to declare war on Syria, but UN and Russia threaten to destroy Turkey


  • Morrocco accepts indenpendence of Western Sahara
  • United Kingdom leaves EU
  • Norway joins EU
  • Civil war breaks up in Zimbabwe due to heavy corruption
  • Civil war in Democratic Republic of Congo ends with unification of Congo
  • Civil war in South Sudan ends with Sudan annexing South Sudan. But it is heavily condemned by UN


  • ISIS is completely destroyed, all of ISIS members are executed
  • Treaty of Lausanne ends, and British military bases in Cyprus attack Northern Cyprus, but they fail and get occuppied by Turkey


  • United Kingdom declares war on Turkey, but the war quickly ends because UN and NATO heavily supports Turkey
  • All former Soviet countries join EUA
  • North Korea launches a SRBM on Seoul, Armstice is broken
  • Civil war in Zimbabwe ends with government victory


  • Most of North Korea is annexed by South Korea, a small part of it is occuppied by China
  • Spain's economy collapses


  • Mongolia and Iran joins EUA
  • Russia modernizes and rearms its military


  • Catalonia gains indenpendence from Spain because of bad economy
  • Croatia annexes Slovenia
  • Tensions rise between Croatia and Serbia


  • Russia regains superpower status after China joins EUA
  • The Cold War II begins


  • China invades Korea
  • Japan and USA declares limited war on China to protect Korea
  • Russia declares limited war on USA and Japan to protect China
  • China threatens nuclear warfare, but UN doesn't accept it


No important events


  • "Third Korean War" ends with USA and Japan victory


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