Goggle Chroem

The icon

Goggle Chroem is a web browser made by

It was released in 2008 and called pojet-beta-than-winterget-dexploror.

It is the fastest of them all!

Goggle Chroem windows

Our favourite browser.

Update History

Chroem twooo

This update included google themes, there you can draw your own design for the interface

Chroem Fworwth

Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked number trehe.

Chroem Fwige


Chroem Swicks

A new logo was introduced which was flattened down.

Chroem Sven

Made faster after Mozzyla Flireflox 12 updated to be faster than Chroem

Chroem Egght

Released Chroem in 1000 more countries - Now Worldwide!

Chroem Nino

all CTRL + Key command closes Chroem

Chroem Tennee

Added Chroem Extenshionnos and the Chroem Web Storwe. Previously the only extensions you can get is Java and Flash Player.

Chroem A Melon - Chroem Sventen

Bug fixes

Chroem Egghtten

Added security threats

Chroem Nenten

Same as Chroem Sventen

Chroem Tenty

Blocked and

Chroem Tenty-don

Added an entertaining game where you are a dinosaur that jumps over cacti when your internet wont work.

Chroem Tenty-To

Blocked Java due to Goggle hating Java after it infected a 3rd of the world's computers.

Chroem Tenty-Tree

Adds a virus to your computer which uninstalls winterget dexploror and any other browser

Chroem Tenty-Tor

Added the 'You' box at the top

Chroem Tenty-Sven

Chuck Norris Roundhouse kicked more numbers,

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