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The Great Capitalism Purge was an event happening in 2040 in Squirrel's Alternate Future Of Earth In Polandball. It was a great change in the ways how companies are ran. It took 20 years to fully enforce these rules, these rules were created after USA fell after it's evil plans of Capitalism were revealed by UK, Zambia, and DRoChina.

New Laws

  • The biggest companies can only be about the size of
  • Copyright is abolished, but any company copying another's content in exactly the same way will be shut down. So modders modding something like a game to improve it would be allowed.
  • Companies cannot buy other companies to make huge multinationals.
  • Companies cannot outsource to other countries unless they move their headquarters there.
  • Companies will be strictly regulated.
  • Modding content cannot be paid for.
  • People on youtube can no longer make money from youtube.
  • Food companies will have annual inspections, building companies will have annual environmental inspections
  • Builders cannot bias the intentional size of the house being built
  • Companies cannot be privately owned space agencies, cannot be attached to government or hospitals
  • All fossil fuel companies are disbanded
  • All companies must treat their workers the right way and equally, they have send an application to the government to get them fired
  • All companies MUST allow maternal leave for pregnant women/transgenders
  • Companies cannot be sued just because someone misused the products.
  • Food companies are no longer allowed to manefacture Nuts in the same factory as nut-free things.
  • ALL supermarkets are inspected anually and their nut products MUST be seperated from nut-free things
  • Independent small businesses get more support from the government, bigger companies must pay higher taxes.
  • Companies cannot use the phrases "Ye Olde" or K where there is meant to be a C or racist fonts if they are themed to a certain culture. E.g: no ""chinese"" font for chinese restaurants
  • All companies MUST pay the country's minimum wage or the owner looses the rights to the company.

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