This theory will be exposing Grooox.

Fascism... Grooox is fascist, Grooox is also an axolotl. Fascism came to prominence in early 20th-century, axolotls have 4 legs. 20 - 4 is 16. Axolotls have 6 external gills... 16 - 6 is 10, the number 10. Grooox behaves like he is 10 years old. Coincidence? I think not... Let's dig deeper... Trump is 69 years old, Grooox supports Trump... Grooox thinks only women should be 69'd... 69ing women gives you a kid... Grooox has no gf and he will never get one, Grooox doesn't have a kid... Coincidence? I think not... Let's dig even more deeper... Grooox thinks Hitler did nothing wrong, Hitler killed himself in 1945... WW2 ended in 1945, the number 2... Grooox is 13 years old, 13 - 2 is 11... 11 has the number 1, illuminati has 1 eye... Coincidence? I think not... Let's dig as deep as Bain's *******... Hitler... As we said before Grooox thinks Hitler did nothing wrong... Hitler has 1 testicle, Grooox behaves like he has 1 brain cell... Hitler is fascist, Grooox is claims to be a tradisionalist... Traditionalism and Fascism are both right wing... Dear God... How could i be so blind? Grooox is Adolf Hitler confirmed... 

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