Stirner argues that the concept of the self is something impossible to fully comprehend; a so-called 'creative nothing' he described as an "end-point of language". Stirner has been broadly understood as a proponent of both psychological egoism and ethical egoism, although the latter position can be disputed, as there is no claim in Stirner's writing, in which one 'ought to' pursue one's own interest, and further claiming any 'ought' could be seen as a new 'fixed idea'. However, he may be understood as a rational egoist in the sense that he considered it irrational not to act in one's self-interest. How this self-interest is defined, however, is necessarily subjective, allowing both selfish and altruistic normative claims to be included.

To be Egoist you must de-spook yourself.

So i made this tutorial to make you into a living meme


Step 1:

Read the ego and it's own you pleb.

Step 2:

Recognize spooks

Step 3:

Shitpost about Stirner aka Stirnerpost. Do this while listening to vaporwave for a better experince

Step 4:

If someone says you're selfish and annoying, just say: "That's real fucking spooky"

If you lost your friends after you became de-spooked, you have successfully de-spooked yourself

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