• Make Discussions an optional thing in Special:WikiFeatures, with the forums still existing
  • Merge Special:Statistics and Special:Insights, and possibly with Special:Community
  • Add sub-bullet lists to classic editor
  • New Gallery editor when
  • Make all the buttons square and without a gradient so they are more modern (Can be disabled in Special:WikiFeatures)
  • Make all buttons with 3d icons (such as the yellow pencil on the edit button) modern
  • Make bullet points circular, and sub-bullets be a ring
  • Add undo/redo to the source editor and make them undo/redo more steps.
  • Add a source editor link to the Visual Editor
  • Make discussions more customisable
  • Make chat automatically record everything (scrolling up infinitely through past chat messages, like in Discord).

Mobile Version

  • Add wiki colours to the mobile version rather than just blue and white
  • Make the buttons more responsive (I have to press them multiple times before they do anything)
  • Navbox support

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