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This article will show the events of the world if it looked weird as hell since the beginning of history and didn't change at all. You can add your own ideas and things but try keeping them realistic and look on wikipedia to get ideas of what could of happened.


  • See migration map below.

30,00 BC

  • Saharan Aboriginals start making the first ever settlements in Nigeria and Liberia.

9,000 BC

  • Settlements in Lebanon and Syria.

8,000 BC

  • By this point, the Agricultural Revolution has reached almost all the world.

7,500 BC

  • Settlements start in Afghanistan.

Name of places

  • Vikings from Scandinavia explore and name a white south island Iceland and a giant green north island Greenland. (IRL they swapped it over but oh well)
  • Rome is in the middle, with Anatolia, with another major Roman city, Byzantium to the West instead of East, Caucassia just have Caucassians.
  • Borealia, Media & Australia are the New World: They are named after North, Middle & South.
  • Sahara instead means Forest rather than Desert in this world, because Sahara is a forest instead (duh)
  • Ulaanmyeksik (Red Mexico) in English is Madagascar, Mexico & Mongolia which make up one continent.
  • America is named america because it was unknown until early colonial era so :V


  • If Earth's continents were like this, then the world would be a lot more biodiverse as they are more split up, and there might be many more languages.
  • Salt flats, even in monsoon zones would still be deserts because things are bad at growing salt on.
  • The only cold deserts that aren't near the poles is Botswana and possibly some areas around the Tibetan Plateau.