The "ng" sound is wiped out and replaced with n.

/m/ is replaced with /nʷ/ (pronounce n with rounded lips)

/ai/, /ei/, and /ou/ are replaced with /a/, /e/, and /o/.

/ɛ/ becomes /e/

/u/, /ɔ/, /ʌ/, and /o/ merge into /u/.

Initial /ə/ is lost, and other instances become /a/.

/ɑ/ and /ɒ/ become /a/.

The initial /t/ and /d/ in /tʃ/ /dʒ/ is lost.

/i/ and /ɪ/ merge into /i/.

/h/ is withered down into nothing at the beginning of words, and /x/ medially.

/kw/ and /gw/ become /k/ and /g/

/θ/ and /ð/ merge with and become /t/ and /d/.

/r/ syllable-finally is lost.


Most are just romanized according to their IPA.

/u/ = <o> /ʊ/ = <u> /ʃ/ = <c> /ʒ/ = <j> /j/ = <y> /x/ = <h> /nʷ/ = <m>


English Language → Inglic Langij /ingliʃ langiʒ/

John Cena → Jan Sina /ʒan sina/

Random Junk Wikia → Randam Jonk Wikia /randam ʒunk wikia/

Squirrel719 → Skiral Sevan-hondrad-nantin /skiral sevanhundradnantin/

XO Mapping → Ekso Mapin /eksu mapin/

Azerbaijan → Azabajan /azabaʒan/

Czechoslovakia → Cekoslovakia /ʃekoslovakia/

Harry Potter → Hari Pota /hari pota/

Cool Cat Saves The Kids → Kol Kat Sevz da Kidz /kul kat sevs da kids/

Derek Savage → Derak Savij /derek saviʒ/

I Hate Everything → A Het Evritin /a het evritin/

Mercury → Makyuri /makjʊri/

Venus → Vinus

Earth → Art

Mars → Maz

Ceres → Siriz

Jupiter → Jopita

Saturn → Satun

Uranus → Oranos

Neptune → Nepcon

Pluto → Ploto

Charon → Haron

Makemake → Makemake

Haumea → Haomea

Eris → Eris

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