• Beginning of the Downfall of Google
  • FNaF & MLG Infect the internet
  • AFOE Mappers become uncountable
  • ISIS Propaganda Rises
  • Anonymous-ISIS Facebook Hacking Wars
  • Facebook & Twitter's post-peak era
  • Meme's post-peak era
  • Homophobes Downfall
  • Minecraft Popularity Peak
  • Star Wars Fan Rise
  • Downfall of Sonic Fans
  • Decrease in Gaming Videos & Console hype
  • Undertale fanbase rises
  • End of Internet Explorer being used
  • Internet Post-peak era
  • Decrease of Cyber-Hypocrites
  • Decrease of YouTube hate comments
  • Reddit Boycotting
  • Post-Downfall WoW Era
  • Post-Downfall Runescape Era
  • Post-Downfall Club Penguin Era
  • Wikia is hacked 
  • Polandball Peaks
  • Moshi Monsters Downfall

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