These are templates that have been approved for our wikia. If you'd like to add another template, please make a draft and a thread about it and we will approve and modify it.

Important Amboxes

These are templates that are recommended to put on your page if you want people not to edit it, people not to get offended or if you want to tell them it's a community project and they are welcome to join.



All your base are belong to us!

Do not edit, USERNAME owns this page.

Use Template:Ownership|Yourusername for this Use for pages that you don't want edited by other people. It will add a category to your page by the name of your username.



This page contains content that may offend certain users.

If you are a delicate snowflake, then don't read this.

Use Template:Offensive. It will also add a category to your page. Use for pages that only may contain stuff that can be potentially offensive.

Community Projects


This is a community project.

People worked hard for this so don't be a douche and mess it up!

Use Template:Community Project. It will also add a category to your page. Use for pages that are community projects.


Construction hat

This page is under construction.

Do not disturb the builders while they ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Use Template:Construction. Use for pages that are under construction. 



This page is candidate for deletion


Use Template:Delete. Use for pages that may beconsidered spam. Innapropriate pages will be deleted immediately. It will add a catagory named Deletion.

Page Copy



This page is a copy of a page that already exists on the Wikia, so it will be removed eventually.

Use Template:Copy. Use for pages that is a copy of another page on this wikia. It uses the same catagory as Deletion. You can also use it for when you make a new thing of an older page, putting this on the older page until you don't need it anymore - where you add Template:Delete.



This page has historic value.

You can find the original here: {{{1}}}

Use Template:Historic. Use it for pages that contain an event or text from an old blog post/page from this or another wiki.



Remastered HD Hyperrealistic Edition.

This page is under redevelopment, so expect major changes from it

Use Template:Redevelopment. Use it for pages that you are going to eventually redesign and redo.


Planets live inside the moon

Planets live inside the moon!

This page may have misinformation.

Use Template:Misinformation. Use for pages with poor information verification.

Joke Amboxes

These templates are just for fun.


Remove Kebab

REMOVE PROPAGANDA remove propaganda you are worst page, you are page smell.

This page has propaganda, beware!

Use Template:Propaganda. It will also add a catagory to your page. Use for pages with propogandic content.


Communism Icon

☭ A КоммциiзT was written by this article. ☭

"In Soviet Яussia, template adds УФU!"

Use Template:Communism. It will also add a catagory to your page. Use for pages with Communism-Related Stuff.



This page is peculiar.

You don't know the contents of this page. It could get strange.

Use Template:Strange. It will also add a category to your page. Use for pages that may be considered weird.

Adding your own Ambox

Visit Template:Ambox/doc for how to make your own Ambox.


Infoboxes can be added to pages of things with statistics and figures. Like a Video Game, or a Country, or a doggo.

|image =
|caption =
|Row 1 title =
|Row 1 info =
|Row 2 title =
|Row 2 info =
|Row 3 title =
|Row 3 info =
|Row 4 title =
|Row 4 info =
|Row 5 title =
|Row 5 info =
|Row 6 title =
|Row 6 info =
|Row 7 title =
|Row 7 info =

NOTE: Box title no longer needs to be used

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