This isn't finished, pls, this cringe

BritishClone (a.k.a TheOtherCrazy) was washing dishes, trying to not stress over his Croatian boyfriend, Kalasnjikov. When BritishClone stopped washing the dishes, Kalasnjikov said "Please, I'm so bored, I was think about you yesterday, now I'm pretty sore, and it gotten hard." Kalasnjikov starts rubbing against BritishClone's back, he then let out a breathy moan. Knowing on what he was doing, BritishClone went to his bed, Kalasnjikov found his zipper, and started to undo his pants and boxers. While that, Kalasnjikov started to suck at the sensitive skin BritishClone had. BritishClone deeply moaned as he tried to not slap Kalasnjikov's palm as Kalasnjikov has BritishClone's cock in his hand, he started to pump it back and forth. Kalasnjikov stopped and started to take of his clothes, his cock was out, BritishClone went up and start having his smooth, silk lips sucking Kalasnjikov's cock. His cock was so into BritishClone's mouth, BritishClone stopped and said "I've heard there is this gay club around here." "Oh really?" Kalasnjikov responded. "yes." whispered BritishClone. But th

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