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LazyAss logo

Logo of LazyAss, made by NKpower

LazyAss is a television series spun off from LazyTown, although its opening title card and theme song is introduced in NKpower's video, {YTP} - Robbie Rotten Goes To Pizza Hut, which was hilarious.

Theme Song

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Full-length shorts

  1. Robbie Rotten Goes To Pizza Hut (gallery | transcript)
  2. Robb E. Rottenous' Redundant Riots at a rather Lethargic

  3. Robbie Rotten's Shattered Dream that'll make you Scream and drop your Ice Cream

  4. Sportacus Is Very Creepy

  5. The Death of Robbie Rotten

  6. Robbie's Rotten Adventure

  7. Athletic City

  8. Robbie Rotten Hates Everything

  9. A LazyTown Episode but It's a YTP and Everyone is Stephanie

  10. Robbie Rotten Destroys Everyone's Ears

  11. Robbie Rotten injects weed

  12. Robbie Rotten Revolution

  13. We Are Number Dank

  14. Lazy Town is directed by Michael Rosen Bay

  15. The Mine Song but WTF is Going On?

  16. Robbie Rotten has Robbie Rautism

  17. The Fall of LazyTown

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