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(episode starts with a gold blister with the text saying "KILL YOURSELF" out of it)

(then, the snow appears for 1 second, and then, a black screen appears with the text saying "Jesus... sorry about that." with the word "XP" on the bottom)

(scene cuts to the sky, where blimp clears the clouds for the LazyAss logo to be revealed. For some seconds, the screen rapidly zooms in, and a standoff occurs)

(in the continuation of the title card, a laggy swirl appears, causing the voice to be swirled up)

Song: Welcome to Lazytown,

(the laggy swirl disappears)

Song: a place where you'll go to the The Pirate Bay!

(when the song says "go to The Pirate Bay!", a screenshot of The Pirate Bay's homepage (in Icelandic) appears)

(a LifeBuzz article named "This Guy Dug A Huge Hole In His Backyard, What He Created Will AMAZE You." appears in the scene next, whose all the contents of the article, including the photos and text, have been replaced by a video showing Robbie Rotten digging a hole)

(scene cuts to Sportacus jumping over a wall (which was not in the video in LifeBuzz) and then cuts to Robbie Rotten eating his pancakes instead of being upset)

Song: You'll meet Robbie eating his pancakes, and Sportacus stealing them.

(scene shows Sportacus snapping Robbie Rotten's pancakes)

Robbie Rotten: What are you doing!?

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