Lazy town
Lazy Town is a great adult show, and you know it's good when it's made by the same producers of the Nutshack. It has kinky adult jokes while being kid-friendly, which is a great mix that keeps the show alive. It's the Mr. Rental of memes, so after teaming up with Bain Luther, this gem has spread across all of western television.

Lazy Town is very deep for a kid/adult's show, as the show sometimes references the Nazis and Stalinist regimes when Robbie Rotten takes control of Poland.

Because of it's deep meaning, Gravity Falls and Steven Universe fans try to the figure out its hidden meaning, as it talks about crime, murder, Nazism, Tesco robberies, and ice cream paint. (Ice cream paint is a great product to coat sheds, little children, and ICBMs with.)

It's a great sci-fi horror show too, if you're interested in that. It also talks about how bootlegging is fine and safe, because you contributing happiness throughout human society. Plus, it slowly cures problems, such as blimps, with kinky dank memes.

It's better than the dankless Doctor Who script writers, better than the new normie cast for Top Gear, and better than what Nickelodeon has spewed out during the last 5 years.

It sparked many music artists to create/rip music, inspired by it's great soundtrack as it looks so fresh and colorful.

It's incredibly dank and full of kush, perfect for every family event (including funerals).


Lazy Town is a great show in many ways, I recommend sharing this gem of western television to all of mankind.

(Screw blimps.)


Blimpies must die.

Note that all the stuff above is the result of extreme boredom. Please do not obey any of the crap above or your life will do a 180 rotation into ice cream paint.

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