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Mario Kart 10 is a game released for the Wii Z in 2018. It is the 9th mario kart despite being named Mario Kart 10 because nintendo and microsoft are both 9 removers (so people can't have 69, :( rip).


Loop = one track divided into 3 sections


Mushroom Cup Fire Flower Cup Leaf Cup Power Star Cup Ice Flower Cup (DLC) Yoshi Egg Cup (DLC)
Bros. Circuit Delfino Shore Royal Circuit/ Peach Castle Mario Circuit 5 Green Hill Zone Beta Waluigi Pinball
Shroom Park Acorn Plains Cheep Cheep Chalk Cliffs Dry Dry Savannah Motorbike Lake Baby Circuit
Good Egg Galaxy Goomba Bamboo Forest Wario Bros. Factory Bowser Circus Melty Monster Road Pirannha Plant Jungle
DK Frozen Tropics (loop) Yoshi Isles Loop Digital Dimension Rainbow Skyramps (Loop) Frost Forest Windmill Isles (Aptos) Zone


Shell Cup Banana Cup POW Cup Lightning Cup Blue Shell Cup (DLC) 1-UP Cup (DLC)
SNES Vanilla  Lake 2 DS Mario Circuit DS Bowser Castle SNES Choco Plains 1 SNES Doughnut Plains DS Figure-8 Circuit
N64 Sherbert Lake Wii Toad Factory Wii Daisy Circuit N64 Choco Mountain N64 Wario Stadium Wii Moonview Highway
GBA Broken Pier 3DS Alpine Pass 3DS Wuhu Mountain Loop GBA Lakeside Park GBA Sunset Wilds 3DS Rosalina's Ice World
GCN Mushroom City U Toad Harbour U Electrodrome GCN Rainbow Road GCN Bowser Castle U Shy-Guy Falls

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