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New Super Mario Bros DS Pack

  • Unlocks the theme for the original New Super Mario Bros DS
  • Adds stuff like blaster pipes, sharks, eels, spinning tops, the ghost-boxer enemy things, the giant hammer bro that stuns the player if it stomps
  • Propeller Mushroom/Costume Mushroom is replaced by mega mushroom
  • Cost: £5.99

Biomes Pack 1

  • Adds Desert, Snow & Tropical Island biomes
  • Tropical Island has water which you can adjust
  • Angry suns, the jumping fire things that are really annoying, homing cheepcheeps and the pink waterbug things etc. Adds quicksand as well
  • The snow biome is nightime biome in original Super Mario Bros. Style
  • Cost: £8.99

Biomes Pack 2

  • Adds Mountain, Wasteland & Jungle biomes
  • Wasteland and Jungle have lava and purple water which can you can adjust the level of it
  • Adds those piranna plants that can walk, black smoke, ledges,
  • Cost: £7.99

Coin Heaven Pack

  • Adds coin heaven biome/mushroom levels/cloud biome
  • Adds invisible areas and slopes
  • Adds different types of mushrooms, like ones that expand and contract, and ones that tilt when you go to the edge of it, and the bouncing ones
  • Cost: £2.99

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