Mr. Rental is the main prophet of the primitive religion known as Rentalism.


The ancient Sunnerians (now in modern day Gilvaraq) worshipped Mr. Rental along with gods of the Rentalism religion, such as Grand Dad and It's The Nutshack. The only living records of this religion belong to temples of the Sunnerians and a peice of ancient writing deciphered thanks to the Halation Stone.

His works are long forgotten and only preserved in the works mentioned above, but most archaeologists agree he was an actual person and can determine what he looked like.

He is also the founder of the Illuminati, his brother is the mascot of Tetley Tea and another brother is Yellow Guy. His ultimate goal is to ban all creativity and enforce a totalitarian society upon Earth, where everything including yourself is copyrighted by the consumeristic society, Violating Copyright would lead to a death sentence.

His father is Roy which he brainwashed and purged so he can help Mr. Rental with his "Creativity Erasing Program", where 2 children and his younger brother Yellow Guy is put into education chambers of horrible incorrect bias, Roy accidently snuck a creativity song inside to try and help them during an era where Roy's brainwash effect worn off.

I get the bitches


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