— Eastenders

Neighbourhood Dramas are shitty reality TV show dramas about a small community across a few streets. The characters are way too overreactive, overoffended and stupid, which leads to many of them murdering each other for pesky tiny reasons or just going "fuck this shit im going to Narnia."

There are MANY of these in the UK, watch Grey's Anatomy or other Hospital Dramas instead, it is guarenteed to be much better than this shit:

  • Eastenders - All the characters in the past 5 years are new, all of the old characters which were rememorable traits (GET OUTTA MAH POB) are gone.
  • Hollyoaks - Only edgy teenagers and 20 year olds which put WAY TOO MUCH emphasis on being what they are (seriously it doesnt matter that religion/sexual orientation you are, as long as you dont act too boastful/melodramatic or descriminate others despite being liberal but you are technically not liberal if you insult other people for being different)
  • Coronation Street - idk much about this but its full of old people I think
  • Emmerdale - not much reason to watch this but at least it isn't citycentric because this takes place in a tiny village
  • Neighbours - This is slightly better than the British Neighbourhood Dramas when I saw it it reminded me of how fake and unnatural suburban australia looked (Temperate with fake wood bungalows).

In Southwest England, no neighbourhood dramas will EVER exist because all of us are too shy to talk to other people and everyone is antisocial. :V

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