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The Nintendo Lever, known as project 'Placeholder' is a Nintendo Console released in December 2022, it is the sucessor to Nintendo Switch and is a 10th Generation console. It was sold for £300/$250/€275.


The Nintendo Lever is another hybrid console, with a 6" 2560x1440 touchscreen connected to two Lever Con controllers. The speakers use a Bose sound system and the graphics card is Nvidia. When the tablet goes onto the dock station connected to the TV, the console can play in 4k 70fps with much more stronger graphics; the dock station gives the console greater graphical capabilities.

The battery life is 18 hours long due to the use of batteries more powerful than Lithium-ion. It is backward compatible with all Nintendo Switch games as the same cartridges are used for Nintendo Lever too.

Lever Con Controllers

the Lever Con controllers are identical to each other. They contain all the features of Joy Cons. They are laid out similar to Gamecube controllers. Joy Con controllers are backwards compatible.


The Nintendo Lever uses Nintendo OS, but it has tablet capabilities as it is compatible with the Google Store and Windows Store. It has a special version of Mozilla Firefox installed on it. 


It sold 45.68 million copies throughout its 6 years of sales.