Nintendo Wii Z, codenamed Project NX was a console released in 2018. It has greater graphics than the PS4 and can support resolutions up to 1440p.

It has an achievement system for its games and games re-released on the Virtual Console which now includes Gamecube and Wii U games. It isn't backwards compatible with the Wii U or Wii however people can download their old games for free if they link their Wii U Nintendo Account with their new Wii Z account.

The Wii Z comes in two parts: The Gamepad and the Console. Both which are sold seperately (Console is £300, Gamepad is £150). The gamepad is like the Wii U's one but it is slimmer (same screen size) and has a special touch screen ill add more info on the special touch screen when NX is revealed irl lel The gamepad AND console have cartridge slots. The Gamepad has 1080p and the console has 1440p and more polygons, and upon combining them the graphics on the gamepad improve (it just becomes a stream of the TV). And more gameplay stuff can be used upon combining them.

The console comes with a controller which is a revised version of the Gamecube Controller. It comes with ZR, ZL and a motion control, and also clickable sticks.


Achievements System

The achievements system is different from X-Box and PS4's: The achievements system is built into the game for the Wii Z games, the developers are given source code so they can modify the GUI design and place it wherever. On older games it is found in the Virtual Console Menu. It is more similar to Club Penguin's Badge system or WoW's Achievement system.