The Party of Neighbourly Drug Neighbourly Love, Utopia Love, and Rigged Adulthood Diversity (Dutch: Naastenliefdevrijheidverscheidenheidspartij) was a diarrhea Dutch political party created by pedophiles three members on 31 May 2006, it had no represention on the parlamente thanks God, it was refered as "pedoparty" due to transforming children into adults for no goddamn reason advocacy for legalizing child pornography (are you kidding with me?) and lowering the age of consent to 12 (Just why you do this?), since 14 March 2010 the diarrhea political party no longer exists,


Netherland's reaction to this Party

It is was very controversial due to having a very shitty ideology, and the fact it was basically 4chan.


  • Maximize liberty and diversity (Because they are regressive liberals who think that there is no difference between freedom and tyranny)
  • Allow 12 years old to:
    • To have sexual relations
    • To gamble
    • Choose their place of residence
    • To Vote

      Leader of the Party

      Flag of trash

      Autentic flag of the Party

      To use soft drugs
  • 16 years old to use hard drugs
  • No marriage
  • Public Nudity everywhere in the country
  • Child Pornography legalizated
  • Zoophilia
  • Non-violent porn everyday on the TV screen

And you thought Fascism was bad...