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I was only 6921420 years old

I loved pepe so much, I had all the fan crap

My father came in and slapped me, he called me a brony

It's very cold now

But then i feel something warm touching me

it's pepe

he grabs me and starts to penetrate me lenny

he fills my lenny with love

my father walks in

pepe says "it's all rare now"

he climbs out the window

pepe is love, pepe is life

Credit to grooox's%20very%20cold%20now%0A%0ABut%20then%20i%20feel%20something%20warm%20touching%20me%0A%0Ait's%20pepe%0A%0Ahe%20grabs%20me%20and%20starts%20to%20penetrate%20me%20lenny%0A%0Ahe%20fills%20my%20lenny%20with%20love%0A%0Amy%20father%20walks%20in%0A%0Apepe%20says%20%22it's%20all%20rare%20now%22%0A%0Ahe%20climbs%20out%20the%20window%0A%0Apepe%20is%20love%2C%20pepe%20is%20life%0A%0ACredit%20to%20grooox

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