Here is a "Perfect Latin Alphabet" that has one letter for one sound. Vowels work the same depending on what language. Other letters like Y cannot be half-vowels. R works the same as well. Diagraphs will be sustained in languages so that the spelling still looks familiar.

  • Aa - ay
  • Bb - bay
  • Cc - cay
  • Çç - chay (ch as in chair)
  • Dd - day
  • Ee - ee
  • Ff - ef
  • Ðð - eth (th as in thing)
  • Gg - gree
  • Þþ - thee (th as in though, other)
  • Hh - haych
  • Ii - eye
  • Jj - jay
  • Kk - chay (ch as in loch)
  • Ll - el
  • Mm - em
  • Nn - en
  • Ŋŋ - eng
  • Oo - on
  • Pp - pee
  • Qq - quee (Albanian Q, French Q as in 'qui')
  • Rr - ree
  • Ss - es
  • ßſ- esh
  • Tt - tee
  • Uu - ooee (oo as in spoon)
  • Vv - vee
  • Ww - wee
  • Xx - hjee (Spanish J, stronger than loch)
  • Yy - yee
  • Zz - zed
  • Ʒʒ - zhed

English Examples

  1. "Þat quick beiʒe focs jumped in þe air over eaç ðin dog. Looc out, I ſout, for he's foiled you again, creatiŋ caos."
  2. "Are Þose ſie Euraʒan footwear, cowboy çaps, or jollie earðmoviŋ headgear?"
  3. "Þe hungrie purple dinosaur ate þe cind, zingie fox, þe jabberiŋ crab, and þe mad whale and started vendiŋ and quackiŋ."
  4. "Wið tenure, Suzie’d have all þe more leiʒure for yaçtiŋ, but her publicaſons are no good."
  5. "ßaw, þose twelve beiʒe hoocs are joined if I patç a youŋ, gooie mouð."
  6. "Þe beiʒe hue on þe waters of þe lok impressed all, includiŋ the Frenç queen, before ſe heard þat simphonie again, just as youŋ Arthur wanted."

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