A Personal Years Design is a drawing of years in various fonts relating to your life and what you thought of the years, including major highilights and weather.

For example: This one (Right) is Squirrel719's and below is the explanation for each of the designs.

  • 2006 and 2007 and 2009 were very sunny years and i went to the beach a lot, so they are in beach colours. I used comic sans in the early ones because I was in Primary School where it was overused.
  • 2008 was a kind of year where i went to loads of historical places like old fashioned mansions. Idk.
  • 2010 was where the classrooms and stuff had displays with horribly bright chalky colours, it also sucked so I picked bad match of colours
  • 2011 was club penguin year so it is blue
  • 2012 was pretty dull weatherwise, so i made it grey. Early 2012 was pretty good for me though
  • 2013 was similar to 2010 as i had the same main teacher, it was also pretty pointless and I was at my ugliest (personality-wise) which represents the horrible puke-pastel 3. The weather was good so i returned the baige and yellow. And i played Club Penguin again so i put blue
  • 2014 was very similar to 2013, but the 4 is more smooth as my personality was being fixed in 2014. (Before 2014, I was VERY spoilt and poisoned by desires and consumerism
  • 2015 was dynamic and it kind of seems the present is in 2012 and that the future was 2015 and onwards. So I made it look sort of an old version of futuristicness
  • 2016 is similar, but with a new version of futuristicness. I added my scrapped personal flag, as that can now be used to my whole time throughout wikia.
  • 2017 and 2018 are predictions or weird tiny revelations. It feels to me that 2017 will be associated with design and creativity and 2018 will be associated with the colour purple, and once again the 'futuristic' font appears, simply because because, 2018 hasn't happened yet.


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