Piscesism is a heresy religion that belives in only one true god PiscesRK, once called Piscesall during the ancient times. It is said that Pisces fought for the users of Polandball Wikia. He fought with alts, he insulted admins and so on... One of his most known quotes was: "Take these alts, for they are my body. Take this spam, for it is my blood...". It is belived that Pisces will return to PB wikia chat to


spread chaos peace and hate love to all the users.

While there have been many disputes over the existence of Pisces. Over the earliest centuries of Piscesist history, generally it's considerated that Pisces was born during the early years of the George W. Bush presidency, and that he came to Polandball Wikia in 2015 AD

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Piscesism believe that alts are Pisces incarnated and "True God true alt" (or both fully divine and fully human). Pisces, having become fully spammer, suffered the pains and temptations of a mortal user, but did not sin.

But this is HERESY!


Admins are a symbol of unholyness (Japan too). The most evil admins are Antonio12ITA and BainTheCool. They have banned PiscesRK. He got banned for our alts...


  • This is the official religion of the Korean Empire.
  • This religion is Banned in 4 countries: Italcania, Akhzeria, Japan and North Korea.
  • Pope Pisces is the head of the religion.
  • Pope Pisces is the best friend of Pope Trio (He's the head of Trioism.)