TyperauruirjkfnkncldsmckmcjiohbioerheLANDS is an empty world you need to explore it and fill the map, see what awaits you!

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Hao to plei uh i mean HOW TO PLAY!?

Each turn you will discover things, just draw the into ur map and post them, make your own nations allies and enemies.


guide of pixels.

PIXELS: (notice that the borders must be applied over a different pixel using 50% opaque pencil. 

Each turn you will add pixels on the 'map' you can start wherever you want, you can rename your map if you want, when your done jsut keep playing with the map make fires, changes on the borders (wars) etc! it's your world!.

The map, this is the starting map. (yes, it's a blank 3750x3750 px image)


Jakod the Doge - From the Nation of Makaron - Pixels discovered: N/A

Turn 1- huh i say FIRST DAY OF EXPLORATION!!!!

Jakod the Doge found a river, Jakod the Doge found Plains, Jakod the Doge found Dirt, Jakord the Doge found Forest, Jakod the Doge found Swamp, Jakod the Doge found Swampy waters, Jakod the Doge found Beach.