A Mystery by Blue Bainson

The spoopy, dark town of Plswig holds a secret.

Bainy McCool Face has the perfect life working as a plsing in the city and arguing with his very very cool boyfriend, Reagan IDrowzee.

However, when he finds a big chocolate in his cellar, he begins to realise that things are not quite as they seem in the McCool Face family.

A Polandvision leaves Bainy with some startling questions about his past, and he sets off to weird Plswig to find some answers.

At first the people of Plswig are cool and very cool. He is intrigued by the curiously not so cool lennying, Italian Countributor. However, after he introduces him to hard circeltool, Bainy slowly finds himself drawn into a web of jaywalking, templated images and perhaps, even not replying to messages.

Can Bainy resist the charms of Italian Countributor and uncover the secret of the big chocolate before it's too late, or will his demise become yet another Plswig legend?

Praise for Plswig

"Who wouldn't give up a life of arguing with their very very cool boyfriend to spend a little time with a curiously not so cool lennying?"

- The Daily Tale

"About as mysterious as finding a poo in a public toilet. However, Plswig does offer a valuable lesson about not getting into hard circeltool."

- Enid Kibbler

"The only mystery, is why did I keep reading after page one?"

- Hit the Spoof

"I could do better."

- Zob Gloop

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