Weird Polandball Wikia Chat

A Short Story

by Blue Bainson

Bainy Cool had always hated weird Polandball Wikia Chat with its flat, flabby fancy .css. It was a place where he felt lustful.

He was a handsome, drunk, pepsi drinker with fat penis and fat wenis. His friends saw him as a deafening, decaying dumbass. Once, he had even jumped into a river and saved an unlawful Pellow. That's the sort of man he was.

Bainy walked over to the window and reflected on his really weird surroundings. The hail pounded like killing kiwi.

Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Squirrel Gwiwwer. Squirrel was a wicked smartass with very fat penis and fat wenis.

Bainy gulped. He was not prepared for Squirrel.

As Bainy stepped outside and Squirrel came closer, he could see the delicious glint in his eye.

Squirrel gazed with the affection of 1759 evil bulbous bear. He said, in hushed tones, "I love you and I want money."

Bainy looked back, even more hungry and still fingering the cool lamp. "Squirrel, I am pregnant," he replied.

They looked at each other with confused feelings, like two healthy, handsome horse dedding at a very cool Bain's 356ths flag day, which had rap music playing in the background and two croatian uncles RIPing to the beat.

Bainy studied Squirrel's very fat penis and fat wenis. Eventually, he took a deep breath. "I'm sorry," began Bainy in apologetic tones, "but I don't feel the same way, and I never will. I just don't love you Squirrel."

Squirrel looked lenny, his emotions raw like a puny, panicky pencil.

Bainy could actually hear Squirrel's emotions shatter into 4867 pieces. Then the wicked smartass hurried away into the distance.

Not even a drink of pepsi would calm Bainy's nerves tonight. THE END 


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