A Mystery
by pls master

The weird, stupid town of pb wiki chat holds a secret.

Bain Brinason has the perfect life working as a srbr owner in the city and lennying with his bootyfuk girlfriend, Grooxina Smyterat.

However, when he finds a plstastic polen in his cellar, he begins to realise that things are not quite as they seem in the Brinason family.

A pb wiki world war leaves Bain with some startling questions about his past, and he sets off to WTF? pb wiki chat to find some answers.

At first the people of pb wiki chat are mysterious and djiboutiful. He is intrigued by the curiously stupid admin, Squirrel Gwiwer. However, after he introduces him to hard banning, Bain slowly finds himself drawn into a web of sloth, lenny and perhaps, even kidnap.

Can Bain resist the charms of Squirrel Gwiwer and uncover the secret of the plstastic polen before it's too late, or will his demise become yet another pb wiki chat legend?


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