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Pokémon Dusk and Dawn are 2 Pokémon fan games published in 2017. They feature all 802 Pokémon so far, and are made in the style of Gen 3.


Pokémon Dusk and Dawn take place in the Sumry region.
The Sumry Region

  • Hemrallt Town The starter town, where the player gets their starter Pokémon, and meets their rivals Brian (chooses the super-effective type) and Jill (chooses the weak type).
  • Route 1 A quiet grassy path.
  • Dursea Canyon A multi-layered canyon where the player can catch and grind.
  • Dursea City The home of the Trainer School, and first Gym in the game; led by former trial captain Mallow.
  • Route 2 A twisting forest with ponds of Poison-types.
  • Tyrin City A very technological city that is home to the PokéPad Company, makers of this game's Pokétch/PokéGear/etc. analogue.
  • Route 3 First being almost like a continuation of Route 2, it transitions into a jungle.
  • Jingledd Town A tribal town close to its roots, surrounded by jungle. Home to the second Gym.
  • Route 4 The entrance is blocked by trees. A straight grassy path with the Daycare and a Poké Mart.
  • Carafon Trailer Park Founded by free-thinkers, anarchists, and other hippies, this trailer park is a veritable source of incense, berries, and other natural items.
  • Carafon Town A town which seems stuck in the 19th century, with towers of smoke and factories all around. Home to the third Gym, lead by Michael from Orre.
  • The next Route is impassable due to it requiring surfing, so Michael offers to take the player to Cynnis Island.
  • Cynnis Lagoon Gym Leader Archie is found fishing here.
  • Cynnis Island A small island with a big heart, the people here are friendly. Home of the fourth Gym.
  • Darcyn Strait Extreme swimmers from everywhere come to swim the whole length of this strait.
  • Darcyn Reef A coral reef unlike any in its surroundings.
  • Route 6 In comparison to the Darcyn Strait, Route 6 is like a kids' pool: a relaxing stream between Dursea and Cynnis.
  • Route 4 A river inbetween Carafon and Goctan.
  • Route 5 This route nearing Goctan is a beautiful, colourful mesa.
  • Goctan City The largest city in Sumry, a metropolis nestled between mesa and mountains. Home to the fifth gym.

Gym Leaders


  • Type: Grass
  • Gym: Dursea
  • Pokémon: Fomantis [Lv. 8]
    Bellsprout [Lv. 9]
  • Gift: Leech Seed TM, Totem Fomantis Egg


  • Type: Fairy
  • Gym: Jingledd
  • Pokémon: Whimsicott [Lv. 13]
    Spritzee [Lv. 16]
    Kirlia [Lv. 15]
  • Gift: Axe (Equivalent to Cut HM), Draining Kiss TM


  • Type: Steel
  • Gym: Carafon
  • Pokémon: Togedemaru [Lv.19]
    Klang [Lv. 20]
    Metang [Lv.22]
  • Gift: Armor Fossil, Bullet Punch TM


  • Type: Water
  • Gym: Cynnis
  • Pokémon: Sharpedo [Lv.26]
    Samurott [Lv. 24]
    Wishiwashi [Lv. 25]
    Azumarill [Lv.28]
  • Gift: Key Stone, Sharpedonite, Surfboard (Equivalent to Surf HM), Scuba Gear (Equivalent to Waterfall and Dive HMs)

Ben and Neville

  • Notes: Double Battlers
  • Type: Rock
  • Gym: Goctan
  • Pokémon: Lycanroc [Lv. 30]
    Magcargo [Lv. 32]
    Aerodactyl-Mega [Lv. 29]
    Minior [Lv. 32]
  • Gift: Aerodactylite, Pickaxe (Equivalent to Rock Smash HM)

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