These are shitpost comics made in the Polandball Wiki's Wikia and Discord Chats.

They are similar to how Polandball itself mocks countries, with users represented by a random Google Image result by typing in their usernames (that isn't from Polandball Wiki).

Main Characters

These are the following characters that appear in the shitposts:


Bain and Company Logo BainTheCool appears as the Bain and Company logo.



Paladinluke appears as a Paladin with Luke Skywalker's head plastered on. In 'Paladin Barges In' he is Darwin from The Amazing World of Gumball instead.


GROOOOX Grooox appears as the Grox, a species from a 2006 game called Spore.


9612677 G Squirrel appears as... what else?


TinAndCopper You can figure this one out.


San Antonio Antonio is reperesented as the logo for the city of San Antonio. In 'Owners of Polandball Wiki' he is a Google Image Result from searching "antonio".


Collisions-logo Collisions is a logo from Google Images.


Coolmax is either a Coolmax260 Brand Sock or a Thermometer logo for Coolmax Mattress Technology or something.

Minor Characters

These are people who have only appeared in one or two comics.


LargeVirus is a green virus from the game


IMC is represented as the logo of 'Sugar Away Tablets (30 Tablets)' and 'Imc Sugar Away Ras', whatever the fuck they are.


Pisces is a Pisces Star Sign from some sort of logo.


IDrowzee is "Drowzee" from Pokemon.

Kalash / Croatian Nationalist

Kalash is represented as an AK-47.

KRQC Linguist

KRQC is a radio because there is a radio station named KRQC.


Victorykael appears in many forms because of how many times he's changed his account;

  1. First he was a tin
  2. Secondly he was a watch
  3. Then a drawing of a creepy anime/goth guy
  4. Then a mouse trap with the brand name "VictoryMouse"
  5. Then a picture of the map of Azeroth from World of Warcraft
  6. Then the first google image result of "Victory" for VictoryKael.


Kymilane appears as no google image result message because when you type her name in on google nothing comes up


Obliterador are these weird metal things from google images.

Unused Characters

These are characters that haven't been featured yet in a comic, but are overwise here because themselves found an image for themself.


S He's 13 Black, a robot from some British TV programme (1999-2000, 20??-2016).


TRB is the logo for Transportation Research Board


Gucumatz is the Mayan God Gukumatz.


106 Luki is the Luki Crater on Mars.


Genny is a eletric wheelchair


Cuteball is a Dora The Explorer themed ball


Nestle NESTLEH appears as the Nestle logo.


Pixl Pixlation appears as the logo for "The Pixl Club".


TRSM TRSM appears as a Ted Rogers School of Management logo, because of the acronym.


Terrr appears as a torn paper, because of how Terrr is sort of read like "tear".


NinjaMapping appears as...well, it's obvious what the answer is (a ninja).


0RedEye appears as the color red (obvious).


Bozita Bozita appears as the logo of the Bozita company, a company that makes food for dogs and cats.

List of shitposts

This list is in Chronological order. Not all shitposts are here.

Name of Shitpost Author Characters Link
Grooox Pls Bain Grooox, Bain, Squirrel, LargeVirus
Paladin Barges In Paladin Grooox, Paladin, Bain, Squirrel, LargeVirus
Paladinluke's Shitpost Paladin Grooox, Paladin, TinandCopper, Bain, Antonio
Pisces the Devil Tinandcopper Grooox, Collisions, TinandCopper, Bain, Antonio12ITA, PiscesRK
The Meta Shitstorm Paladin TinandCopper, Paladin, Bain, Grooox
Owners of Polandball Wiki Antonio Siberiaball, SexyMordecai, IDrowzee, Antonio
Evolution of SwissVictoryGeneralTin Squirrel719 VictoryMouse and all his past usernames, Squirrel719, BainTheCool, Coolmax260 [1]
Paladin's Mind Paladin Paladin, Bain, Antonio (silent), Paladin's Racism, Paladin's Intelect, Paladin's 9 year old self
Polandvision Coolmax Collisions, Bain, EmperorCheeseBritannia, IMC, Coolmax, GandalfTheFabulous
BetterTextures Coolmax Coolmax, Squirrel
Normaity cannot exist in such a community Squirrel719 Squirrel, BainTheCool, TinandCopper, Grooox, VictoryKael, Kymilane, Obliterador and KRQC linguist [2]
Grooox Broitsaprankbro Grooox, Bain, Squirrel
Ultraconservative MEENIES Coolmax Coolmax, Kalash, Smy
HEZBOLABNEHHH! Ashkenazi Ashkenazi, Phoenician
please play my card pack Coolmax Smy, Coolmax, Pixl, TinalsoCopper
Everybody Hates TRSM NESTLEH TRSM, Terrr, Pixl, Bain, Antonio, NinjaMapping, NESTLEH